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About Imaex

Since opening our doors for business in 1994 IMAEX Trading has been dedicated to producing, importing, and distributing the finest frozen seafood products sourced from around the world. Our company's long-standing reputation with key products in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Vietnam enables us to develop and consistently deliver our specialized product mix. In addition to operations in Asia, we work closely with many key shrimp and other seafood producing companies in Central and South America.
IMAEX currently supplies to over 4,000 customers, mainly located in the Eastern half of the US. Our company's business practices, advanced information systems and experienced staff work together to deliver the highest quality frozen seafood products, timely shipments, and industry leading customer service and support. With our headquarter offices in Atlanta, GA, marketing division in New York City, and support from our ever expanding factory alliances in over 20 countries, IMAEX's business is set to continue healthy and stable growth.Our seasoned team of expert buyers ensures our ability to consistently secure and high quality products at excellent value to our customers. The company’s operations, from pond to plate, are vertically step of the supply chain.

The company’s product mix includes shrimp, tilapia, squid, surimi, sushi items, mussels, crabs, salmon, and tuna among others. We work in close partnership with our sister company, P.T. Ayu Bumi Sejati, in Medan, Indonesia. The Medan facilities consist of two processing plants and 400 hectares of shrimp ponds designed for farm raising black tiger shrimp and white Vannamei. In addition to maintaining our core seafood offerings, we are constantly gathering market feedback and developing new products and high value items that our customers enjoy. In developing new products it is always our goal to minimize all unnecessary additives and to stand by our philosophy of providing to the customer the highest quality seafood product possible.

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